Contribute to the development of a sustainable solution and help reduce plastic pollution.

These vacancies are indications of roles within the team. If you do not recognise yourself in one of these vacancies, email us and we will find opportunities for your to contribute to our mission in the team!

Prototyping Technician Electronics & Instrumentation​

Micro-controller skills
Team Work
Hard skills

By working with microcontrollers such as Raspberry Pi, you create a reliable data communication system. This calls for creative and down to earth students who can come up with clever ideas on how to create an efficient and reliable communication system to extract data in order to ensure its validity.


Different research methods
Flexibility & creativity
Clear communication
Thrive to gain and share knowledge

You are familiar with multiple research methods and can apply this knowledge. Through clear communication, you can share the nurdle issue and other findings with the team, other students, and external stakeholders. You thrive on finding and sharing your research and knowledge with others! As a member of the research team you are able to develop your (visual) communication skills, elevate your paper writing, and play a crucial role in bringing the nurdle issue under the attention of a broad public.

Marketing Strategist

Social media presence
Adobe or other illustration software

Your creativity and communication skills give Nurdle Soup a platform to share our goal and raise awareness upon this unkown problem! Through creative and various mediums you work in close collaboration with the other members of the team to find the interesting facts and turn them into captivating stories! With this role in the team you will allow your creativity to speak to support our mission on educating and spreading the word on the Nurdle problem. 

Externals Relations manager

Communication skills

With initiative and confidence, you work with a network of stakeholders and companies. Through diverse events, talks or e-mail exchanges you create a network of organisations that can be part of the Nurdle Soup project and support our mission. You are an essential person in our strategy to cooperate holistically with multiple stakeholders in order to create a change in the plastic industry!

Simulation Technician

Flow and simulation skills
Team Work
Hard skills

We are looking for students with experience in flow dynamics and simulation skills. The goal is to know where nurdles actually come from, and to what scale the counted nurdles represent the amount of nurdles that are presently leaked in our waters. Build a simulation model that can predict to a certain extent how nurdles behave in rivers and optimise the location of our dectection module.

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