We strive to map out the spillage of plastic granulate, also known as nurdles,
in the Dutch waters. Nami is our first prototype that monitors the river from above
and recognizes the nurdles that float in the water.

NAMI 1.0

Over the last couple of months we have been working hard on the first iteration of our monitoring device: Nami 1.0. We are constantly improving our detection system and the durability of the device. Simultaneously, in collaboration with VBB Advisory, we are connecting the generated data with a flow model.


Nami is placed in a river and will start monitoring the particles that flow underneath the device. Based on their physical appearance, the nurdles can be detected and counted over time.


Combining the generated data with our flow model allows us to trace the nurdles back their origin. By doing this, spillages and critical point with high concentrations of nurdles can be identified.


Nami generates the hard data we need to inform all stakeholders in the production chain. Together, we aim to find a solution that benefits all so we can put a stop to the leakage of these plastics into the natural enviroment.

What's next?

In the future, we strive to make sure that the data can be collected remotely and that Nami can move around in the river by herself. Furthermore, our device will require less maintenance as the body itself will more durable and Nami can identify obstacles in the river by herself. We constantly consider the natural environment to create the least disturbance possible.

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