2021 Impact Award


“We are delighted to announce that Nurdle Soup won the Impact Award in the TU/e Contest 2021

We want to thank Steunfonds Duurzaamheid for granting us this award. Furthermore, we would like to thank The PowerUp Company, ThermoFisher Scientific,  ARTooling, Advantech Europe, Pezy Group and Aalberts advanced mechatronics. We would not have won this amazing award without your help as our coaches throughout the contest.

We are extremely enthusiastic to expand our project to the next level. Upon receiving this award, we would like to keep improving our business idea by developing the next version of Nami and establishing partnership with companies. On top of that, this brought us closer to achieve our mission: spreading awareness about the issues of nurdle spillage in our ecosystem!”

From left to right: Anne Van Den Horst, Kelly Wibowo, Marten De Klein & Nathan Pottier

"We made it to the finals!"


Yes, exciting news! We have been selected as one of the Top 20 teams to proceed to the finals of the TU/e Contest. We have been supported by coaches and we have gotten the opportunity to talk to several interesting partners of the contest. Whether we win a price or not, this event is another opportunity for us to spread the word about the problem of plastic granulate leakage.

"Why did you join the team?"


You might have seen one of our recruitments posts appear on your social media timeline. This week, someone of every subteam will present themselves. They explain their role is within the team, what motivated them to join and what they have gained from joining the team. Do you recognise yourself in one of these positions? Reach out to us by sending an email!

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