Detect, trace and stop the leakage of plastic granulate from the plastic industry.

Our mission

Plastic, a man-made product, is entering the water systems at a large scale. Because of its characteristics, it poses a major threat not only to the health of the marine environment, but also to public health. It is our responsibility and an investment in the future to keep the state of the marine environment in good condition. Plastics should not enter the water, period. This includes all kinds of plastics, but especially microplastics. Due to their small size and potential risk to both flora and fauna, the spillage of microplastics cannot be accepted.

Our Vision

Nurdle Soup strives to to use technology to increase accountability for spillage and to control and reduce the spillage. Next to detecting, Nurdle Soup also strives educate the public about the spillage of micro-plastics and the subsequent hazards of this spillage, in order to create more awareness for this environmental problem.

our team

We are a multidisciplinary team from the University of Technology in Eindhoven (The Netherlands). We are quite a young team; we started in 2019. Nevertheless, we believe that we can make a change within the industry. Currently, our team is working on the development of a counting mechanism in order to obtain data about the still fairly unknown problem of nurdles. Nurdles, also known as plastic granulate, are the building blocks of most plastic products. With our data we strive to put a change in motion in the conventional plastic industry. To do this, we want to cooperate with plastic producing companies and assist them in their journey to prevent leakage. 
Ultimately we aim to be able to detect and prevent the leakage from industry.


Our device aims to detect plastic granulate that floods the marine ecosystem and poses a threat to both animals and humans.


Our detection mechanism traces back the origin of the leakage of the plastic granulate.


With this hard data, generated by our device, we strive to change the processes of the conventional plastic industry.

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