Improve the state of the marine environment

Plastic, a man-made product, has been entering water systems on a ginormous scale since the 1960s, and poses a major threat to both marine- and public health. It is our responsibility and an investment in the future to improve the state of the marine environment to its once-great condition of the past.

Pollution of microplastics cannot be accepted

Plastics should no longer enter the water, period. This includes all kinds of plastics, but especially microplastics. Due to their small size, toxin-saturation, and destructive potential to both flora and fauna, spillage and pollution of microplastics cannot be accepted.




Nurdle Soup strives to fill an unmet need in environmental sensing and create more awareness for the global problem of microplastics, by using self-developed, instantaneous and intelligent microplastic detection-technology. We build such a device to provide feedback as to how all of our efforts to reduce and mitigate plastic pollution are working.


Our devices aim to detect microplastics and plastic granulates that flood marine ecosystem and pose a threat to both animals and humans. You cannot manage what you cannot yet detect.


The most important enabling capability of our intelligent mechanisms – compared to the existing effects, but slow methods – is to instantaneously and reliably get data on quantity, composition, and location, to map various waterbodies and their microplastic-pollution levels


With this hard data, we strive to change the processes of the conventional plastic industry, and aid cleanups by being able to better direct our finite resources to what is most effective.

About us

We are a multidisciplinary team from Eindhoven University of Technology, founded in 2019, with the goal of making a change within the sustainability-related area of plastic pollution. Currently, our team is working on the development of a smart device capable of detecting microplastics in large water bodies.


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