“Detect, trace and stop the leakage of plastic granulate from the industry.”

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Our device aims to detect plastic granulate that floods the marine ecosystem and poses a threat to both animals and humans.


Our detection mechanism traces back the origin of the leakage of the plastic granulate.


With this hard data, generated by our device, we strive to change the processes of the conventional plastic industry.

Plastic granulate, virgin plastics or nurdles, are the building blocks of all plastic products.

In the production chain from nurdle to plastic products, nurdles leak into the envrionment. Each year, 230,000 tons of nurdles get spilled worldwide during transport, storage and production. They contribute to the degradation of ecosystem and they harm animals who mistake them for food.

About us

We are a multidisciplinary team from the University of Technology in Eindhoven (Netherlands). Our team is working on the development of a counting mechanism in order to obtain data about the still fairly unknown problem of nurdles. We believe that with this data we can put a change in motion in the conventional plastic industry. Ultimately we hope to be able to detect and prevent the leakage from industry.

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